Washington Wizards New Uniforms NBA

The John Wall era of Washington Wizards basketball didn’t get off to the smoothest start, but now that Agent Zero is gone and the team is all his for the next few years, it’s only fitting that the Wizards refresh their look.

Washington released its new jerseys to an anxious group of fans and media, and while we didn’t know what to expect, we came away surprised and pleased.

It reminds us of the old Washington Bullets jerseys and enters the league as yet another new addition to the ever-changing wardrobe of the NBA.

The Washington Wizards unveiled a new uniform and a completely new look for their franchise on Tuesday, as the franchise looks to move into a new era with its young talent.

The team completely discarded its previous color scheme, opting for a red, white and navy combination more in keeping with the team’s history and the city they play in.

But what should we make of these new uniforms? Are they an upgrade over the previous designs or has the team continued its recent tradition of hideous uniforms?

Frankly, the initial results are extremely positive.

The new look seems to be a massive upgrade on almost all fronts, but let’s take a closer look at the aspects of the Wizards’ new re-branding effort.

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