NHL Playoffs 2012 Highlights: The Best Goal from Each 2012 Playoff Series

NHL fans are just halfway through the fortnight that is the first round of the 2012 NHL Playoffs and we’ve already been treated to much more than we deserve. Amazing goaltending, extreme physical play and thrilling overtime after overtime have all dotted the landscape of the postseason, keeping fans enthralled night in and night out. Here is a recap of the best goal from each of the eight first-round series.

Even though controversial hits have garnered most of the attention during the first round of the NHL playoffs, the play on the ice has been exciting in its own right. There were no sweeps and three of the four Eastern Conference matchups are tied through four games.

One hundred and seventy-four goals have already been scored in the 2012 NHL Playoffs, but few have been fantastic enough to be considered among the best.

From elegant breakaways to perfect deflections to spotless passing plays, the opening weeks of the 2012 first round have brought a plethora of must-see highlights to the endless universe of YouTube—and we’re bringing the eight most unforgettable ones directly to you.

Which flawless goals possessed enough “wow” factor to earn a spot on our top eight playoff goal power rankings? Count them all down, one by one, in the coming slides.

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